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Nicole Durand

Nicole Durand

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Take a dream vacation: multi activities painting and sculpting for beginners and advanced artists residencies in Villa d Arte

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Nicole Durand

nicole durand

Paint, sculpt and enjoy good life at the border of italian riviera and famous “cote d’azur”…

Exactly where old masters like Renoir, Chagall, Monnet choosed to create because of the “Special light”.

We offer sculpture and painting classes around the year.

No prior experience necessary. We offer courses for all levels of artists as well as a variety of mediums clay, stone, bronze…  or painting on beautiful riviera like the old masters used to do !  Enjoy working outdoors, in front of the Mediterranean, sculpting stone. Share with others European artists your creative experience and most of it, live in an authentically village with italian atmoshere.  A little paradise!

The atmosphere can only inspire you creativity specially with such a fascinating seaview Art studio.  Art in the Italian Riviera. Teaching generally takes place from 10 – 12.30 in the morning, lunch with other artists, then 13.30-15.30 daily 5.30 in the afternoon.  Depending on the time, though students are free to carry on painting for as long as they like. Unlimited use of the studio space

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Nicole Durand- veteran sculptor of over 30 years experience

nicole durand

She is a world famous artist and founder of the Accademia on the Italian Riviera. She offers sculpture workshops in Italy and Greece as well as artist residencies in Villa d’Arte.

She has also been well known teaching for many years sculpture in art school next to Monaco, Switzerland, New Zealand, USA and of course in Italy where she lives and founded the Academia d Art.

Nicole has inherited the richness of both Italian and french cultures. She is inspired by master stone carvers Michel angelo and Rodin

You will also have a french teacher for painting that will teach you how to create your own unique colours by blending your natural powder pigments just like the old masters !


Studio Rental

If you are an experienced artist you may just want to enjoy the facilities of the Art Centre as a place to paint or sculpt independently without the help of a tutor. 

You are welcome to come and stay at the art-center and use the sculpture studio and terrace or the painting studios.  You can come, if there is space, during a course when there will be half board options available or you can self-cater if there are no courses running.

studio rental
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